Po Bunyapamai grew up in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. His childhood was spent accompanying his mother to local markets filled with vibrant tropical produce and savoring food from the culinary melting pot that is central Thai cuisine.

His passion for photography came not long after. It discovered him when his father passed down a trusty Olympus OM-10 for his sixth grade photo class. There was something about capturing a visual experience that fascinated him. This was the beginning of Po’s photographic career.

Upon graduating from Pratt Institute in New York City, Po moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and currently works out of his studio in Downtown Berkeley. He specializes in food photography for restaurants, product studio photography, and lifestyle shoots. With recent clients in Bangkok, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the greater Bay Area, Po collaborates with businesses and brands to tell a visual story of their food, the process and love that goes into each dish, and the individuals behind them.


Thailand Tatler, Zona Rosa, Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill, Mama Liang's, Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine, Hopsy, A Personal Uniform, The Source, Daughter Thai Kitchen, Public Glass, Oakland Local, WaterField Designs, Osha Thai Restaurant, CECloset, Chimes Gourmet, Gizmo Art Production, UC Berkeley, Plate Craft, Howler Magazine, Hodo Soy, Liang's Village, Yondu, Viva À La Carte